About Seuang River Experience

Despite rapid progress over the past decade up to 80% of the Seuang River Experience population live in poverty. Poverty, combined with rapid population growth and unequal distribution of economic development are dramatically increasing demands on remaining forest cover and wildlife. Simply, when no alternative is available, environmental conservation and wildlife protection are less important to those living in poverty.

Seuang River Experience will create capacity and build infrastructure necessary to develop a sustainable educational-tourism site for use by international student and university groups. In doing so Seuang River Experience will provide tourism jobs in activities that raise awareness about traditional cultures, environment and wildlife.

The important and urgent needed portion of the project is an education centre to act as a base-camp and accommodation for international school groups visiting the area. This will allow our 12 villages to benefit directly from the education tourism activities. Project partners are committed to the Seuang River Experience to achieve such sustainable development. Unfortunately, financial capacity is limited. Participation of like-minded international schools, universities and volunteer-groups is urgently needed.

Project Supporters

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Media Design School

Seuang River Tourism Co-operative

Lao National Tourism Administration

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